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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Christmas challenge

I’d like to invite you to join Christmas challenge there one will win IPAD. For this you need to subscribe to wellness club and to try some products. I would not hide that I will benefit from your subscription, but I need it for greater good purposes: 1. I need to continue my free healings and Reiki and other energies attunements for Russian speaking ppl who are mostly very poor and can not afford healing and attunemtns. I have website for this purpose and thousands already got free healings and attunemnts, but now its broken and I need to transfer it to new platform, and keep it free. 2. I need also to continue my scientific research on cheap and effective cancer cure-by catalytic therapy and by Reiki - see my scientific papers on this subject in my profile. I’ve tried to get grants for these research but because its cheap and effective and can put big pharma out of job I did not get the grant. And effectiveness of these researches has been proven when I cured my cat’s stage 4 cancer. See article about it here Thus by subscribing to this wellness club you will help ppl in need to get free healing and attunements and will help developing cancer cure. Moreover these products are really good if I did not try them I would not invite anyone to join. You will not only will get organic products but will save a lot of money by changing your household products to these one because for instance you’ll be able to do laundry in cold water and results of it will amaze you- I never got such clean laundry even with top usual products in hot water. You’ll save environment because these products do not contain harsh chemicals- just enzymes. Also if you switch your supplements to supplement offered in this club you’ll see the difference and can be sure that you are using scientifically tested product. See more about these products in my articles. Also you can join my group To live longer but to become younger PM me if you want to participate in this challenge.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Best natural laundry detergent I ever used

I finally found laundry detergent I was looking so long. Long ago in USSR I used laundry detergent based on enzymes- it worked wonder even in cold water. But I could not find something similar in US- and finally I've got one It really do as it say- it makes laundry so bright and clean as no one detergent I used before and I used a variety. Moreover the scent is good and when laundry stored in drawer it does not get this stale scent, it still has fresh scent. And the power of this detergent to work in cold water already saved me more than it's price. We have gas water heater and when I do laundry in cold water I'm saving tons of money. Furthermore it's good for environment and it is very small amount which you will need each time- little goes a long way. Also it works with stains as miracle. So I am very happy with this and highly recommend you to try it as well. #detergent, #environment, #wellness, #enzymes

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Wellness challenge

In my group I've started challenge which I've described in article In short it will be : This challenge will consists from few easy exercises, healing energy sessions and vitamins. Energy sessions you will be receiving daily at any time during the day which is suitable for you. You will just need to sit or lay down, relax and think:" I am ready to get energy session". Vitamins I've recommend Peak performance for men or for for women or for longevity from Melaleuca. Exercise method synchronized mind and body Key developed for soviet Cosmonauts Challenge starts
from September 25.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Products which good for you and good for environment and can bring you a job

I’ve tried a lot of online companies, which offer wellness products, but could not find the good products until now. Now I find the company I was looking for which I can use and can suggest to my friends. This company Melaleuca is the largest monthly wellness shopping club in North America. There are 400+ wellness products. It has $1.75 Billion in annual sales. Products are organic, without harsh chemicals. Even laundry and other detergents are without alkali chemicals- they use enzymes and because of it you can use it in cold water as well. Products are very concentrated- little goes a long way, so it’s cheap and you save the environment from addition plastic containers. Vitamins they manufactured were tested in universities by independent researchers-it’s unique for supplement products. For other brand names usually only some research on ingredients not on final product are available. I’ve tried some products from almost all categories: vitamins, detergents, cleaning products, and lotions/cream; snack bars, etc. They all do as advertised, delicious and good in every sense. Moreover you can be not just customer but can earn some income with this company by only referring new customers. You do not need to sell anything- just tell you friends about products sign them under your name and get residual income when they will purchase the products. And they will purchase them believe me- products are so good that it’s no wonder why company has 96% returning customers. Who once tried these products became customers for life and can not imagine to use other brands. Because this is a Club as Costco or Sam’s Club you can not purchase products without memberships. But membership fee it much less than in Costco only $19.99. and members have a lot of benefits. To keep your membership you will need to purchase every month products on about $55 (its 35 points in company points system). But I can assure you it will not be hard because you will want to spend much more to get more products which you’ll want to use. Very good news is that up to September 19 fee is just $1. So hurry up and sign up in these last days. So sign up almost for free and try products for your self. If you like it you can upgrade up to independent marketing executive and you will be able to refer friends for your residual income. To get sign in just send me message with your first and last name; e-mail; mobile phone and region (US or Canada). I’ll send you the invitation to create the account with these data and you will be placed in the next available position. For one who wants to make this the primary job it’s very easy just a few easy steps: 1. When you have 8 customers signed under your name you’ll have reached the level of Director I. At this level you have a monthly residual income of about $168. Also when you reach the Director I level if you do it in pacesetter time (2 months or less) you get a $200 bonus, take a little longer and it's $100. 2. Once you have 10 customers you are a Director II. The average Director II makes $314 a month. Go Director II in pacesetter time and it's a $400 bonus, take a little longer and it's $200. 3. If you help one person become Director I then you become Director III you’ll get about $592 a month. Director IIIs get a one time advancement bonus of $600 if they do it in pacesetter time frame, $300 if it takes a while longer. 4. If you help 4 more ppl to get a Director - you become a Senior Director you get between a $2000 and $10,000 one time advancement bonus! You begin to be eligible for $400 a month car bonus, and are eligible to earn up to 10,000 a month from the bonus pool. These are just bonuses on top of your residual income. At this point you will have around 20 personal customers which you get paid 20% of their monthly volume and around 400 organizational customers which you get paid 7% of. All said the average Senior Director makes around $55,588 yearly which is $4,630 a month. 5. Help 5 more people become Directors (for a total of 10 personal Directors), and you become an Executive Director. The one time advancement bonus for reaching Executive Director is between $10,000-$20,0000!!! Your car bonus goes up to $1,000 a month and you are eligible for up $20,000 a month from the bonus pools. The average Executive Director makes $148,542 a year or $12,370 a month.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How I've helped the ghost to move to the other side

In 2009 when we bought the house strange situations started- I heard the foot steps at night, i felt some presence and I saw in my inner screen small black haired girl, who was living inside big oak tree near our parking lot. She looks scarred, her face and hairs were dirty, her hands were skinny. I've started to use various brands of Reiki to send to this girl to calm her. Step by step strange situations stopped but I still felt that she is here. I did not know at that time who it was, but after a while we uncovered the truth- there was fatal car accident on our property - mother did not put parking regime on the car and car moved down the hill( the house is on the hill). But older daughter already opened the side door of the minivan and removed the protection belt from younger daughter. Car went down trough the trees and retaining walls and landed on the side and small girl was under the car. Neighbors tried to lift the car from her,but unsuccessfully and girl died. Looked like her spirit still lived in the yard and visited the house. With Reiki and other healing energies I've manages to send her to the other side. And her father who was visited the space there she died for more than 20 years got his piece of mind and did not visited last 3 years. So it was good not only for spirit but for her father as well.