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Friday, April 8, 2011

How I whitened my teeth at home

When I decided to whiten my teeth I didn't want to use strips, office visits, etc. I was looking for cheap and easy way and I find it. I use the whitening toothpaste- but not the common one and whitening gel with peroxide. Moreover I read that people who used peroxide for toothpaste are getting much less stroke cases.
So I am using toothpaste in the morning and gel in the evening (I am using it as toothpaste too). And results are wonderful- much much better than from office cleaning and all other whitening tools I used before.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

How I've got rid of back pain, improved posture and abs

Practically all my life I was suffering from back pain. It was hard for me to stay long and to sit long and very often I've had outbreak when I should stay in bed for this pain. I tried a lot of remedies- homeopathy, acupuncture, massage and various creams. It helps a little for some time but after a while the pain always was back.
And now, almost two years ago I've discovered some things that helped me tremendously.

It is shoes with the negative heels and balance training disc. Now I wear only these shoes with negative heels and sit in front of my computer on this disc and back pain doesn't bother me anymore. Moreover my posture and abs improved greatly.

Particular brands I've used see bellow:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How I get rid from gray hair once and for all

I am 53 and of course recently gray hair started to pop up. I used the dye for hair but it made my hair thin and dry. But year ago I've started to do 5 Tibetan rites- not for hair, but for overall health. And not only my health is getting better with it but gray hair diminished dramatically. In fact they disappear as you can see on my photo.
I strongly recommend it to all who want to feel and look younger.

How to do these exercise you can see in the DVD and book : links posted bellow.

The best hair and nails ever

Recently I had the problem with hair and nails. Hair started to get very dry and fragile, nails braked easily. And I decided to change the situation.
I've used the vitamins for hair and nails.

I've putted the filter to the shower head.

Every other day I made the mask for hair- mask consisted from clay and henna (my hair is blond so I need henna neutral) in equal parts also I added a few drop of oil to the mask.

After mask I used the shampoo and conditioner and after that dry hair with the towel and used stay on conditioner.

Also every other day I use oil on the hair overnight.

And now I have the healthier hair I ever had.

In the next post I'll tell how I've get rid of gray hair once and for all.

Bellow see the particular brands I've used and found the best for these purposes.