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Friday, November 9, 2012

My protocol to beauty and health

Intoduction On my recent birthday ( I was turning 53) my mother in law said that I am got much younger. The best part of it was that she was not telling it to me and it was not a compliment, mostly the fact. It was best present ever. Similar present I've got 14 years ago ( I was 39) than officer had been checking my passport there was my photo on which I was 25 years old. He could not believe that it was one person such great positive changes had been done to me by my healing efforts. I have to say that the whole my life I were trying to get better health and life. About my path to health and good situations in all areas of my life which walked from my youth you can see in the book from amazon listed bellow. But after I've got to my menopause I've to change some regimens in my protocol and add something new to it. Mostly for restoring beauty, but some for overall health as well. Here I will tell how I've got such good results which had been visual. I will describe the massage, exercises, vitamins and supplements, homeopathy and energy healing methods which lead me to this results. The main component of health and longevity It is iodine. Most people have iodine deficiency which can not be overcome by common vitamins. It is because the traditional dosage of iodine is not enough as had been shown by research of Dr Abraham, G.E. He wrote in his Orthoiodosupplementation: Iodine Sufficiency Of The Whole Human Body Abraham, G.E., Flechas, J.D., Hakala, J.C. The Original Internist, 9:30-41, 2002 “So far, the optimal daily requirement for I has been estimated at 6 mg of iodide for the thyroid gland and 5 mg of iodine for the mammary glands. The adrenal glands may also require adequate levels of I for normal function.” When I started to use this dosages I've got rid of few nasty symptoms: 1. Arthritis like pain in the joints which had been resistant to all arthritis medicine. 2.Dry skin on the elbow. 3.Cold hand and feet and overall sensitivity to cold. 4. And of course this dosages of iodine +iodide helped me to decrease the cold and flu outbreak. The brand of iodine and iodide which Ive found most effective are shown bellow in amazon links. Thyroid As I described in my book ( shown above in amazon links) I had overactive thyroid. I managed to heal it to normal. But after my second pregnancy it turned to under active. At the beginning g it was just a little bit, but after menopause it starts to slowdown much more so I've had to use the supplements and other methods to restore it function or to add the active ingredients. I am using raw thyroid and adrenal and some mixtures to support thyroid as supplement, acupressure points and Su Jok points for massage and color. Along with iodine it gave me very good boost of energy and also shed off some years from my face, Supplements and books from which I used the points are showing below in amazon links. Acidity versus alkaline It is well known now that acidity of body fluids would lead to various health problems. I started to use baking soda to diminish acidity and body thanked me with good functions. I use most of the time 4 tablets 3 or 4 times a day. If I feel tired, or have some symptoms of cold I increase dosage to 4 tablets 5-6 times daily. Teeth witening and health I used for teeth whitening a combination of the few toothpastes- see them bellow in amazon links. It is important to get toothpaste without fluoride as well. Results of using these products were very good- I think even better than whitening with the dentist and of course much- much cheaper. to be continued in the next article I'll tell about the exercise I use to keep face and body young, about massage, vitamins and energy work and much much more

Natural remedies for cold and flu prevention and treatment

My experience In the past I often had cold or flu which almost always had been followed by long and strong cough. After I started to use these methods I rarely have cold or flu and even if I do there are not a lot of symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat or cough. Or if there are some of them they are very moderate. First: I use bicarbonate of soda on daily basis. Recent research on this substance show that it can help in solution of the numerous problems, such as kidney, heart disease, cold and flu. Even cancer can be prevented by bicarbonate of coda. Viruses and bacteria can’t survive in the alkaline environment but can live very well in our acidic bodies. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology in the article from May 18, 2009 wrote: “Bicarbonate Supplementation Slows Progression of CKD and Improves Nutritional Status” Shows that: “Nutritional parameters improved significantly with bicarbonate supplementation, which was well tolerated. This study demonstrates that bicarbonate supplementation slows the rate of progression of renal failure to ESRD and improves nutritional status among patients with CKD.” Also it’s recommended to use the sodium bicarbonate in the first sign of cold or flu (for those who do not use it on daily basis) or before athletic exercise. It will diminish lactic acid build up in the muscles. Most authors recommend to drink sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water (1 tsp. in the morning 1 tsp in the evening) on an empty stomach. But I prefer to use tablets swallow them (4 or 6 tablets at a time) and drink a lot of water. When I feel the first symptoms of cold I start to use this soda+ water 4-6 times daily. Also bicarbonate dissolved in the warm water can be used for sore throat. My daughter likes to use soda tablets dissolved in warm water + honey. Second: I use iodine supplement on a daily basis but in much higher concentration than it’s recommend by most of the physicians. My iodine intake based on the research of Doctor Abraham which he described in the few articles such as Orthoiodosupplementation: Iodine Sufficiency Of The Whole Human Body Abraham, G.E., Flechas, J.D., Hakala, J.C. The Original Internist, 9:30-41, 2002. There he stated : “So far, the optimal daily requirement for I has been estimated at 6 mg of iodide for the thyroid gland and 5 mg of iodine for the mammary glands. The adrenal glands may also require adequate levels of I for normal function.” This high concentration of iodine could be find in various source such as Iodoral (High Potency Iodine/Potassium Iodide Supplement) Or like recommended by Dr. Abraham: “Amazingly, 0.1 ml (2 drops) of Lugol contains 5 mg iodine and 7.5 mg iodide as the potassium salt, the near perfect total amount of I and ratio of iodine over iodide, for sufficiency of the thyroid and mammary glands.” In the next article :” The concept of orthoiodosupplementation and its clinical implications. Abraham GE; The Original Internist, 11(2):29-38, 2004. Dr. Abraham stated: "From a review of the published data, it soon became evident that medical textbooks contain several vital pieces of misinformation about the essential element iodine, which may have caused more human misery and death than both world wars combined. The purpose of this manuscript is to present some useful information about iodine and to discuss the concept of orthoiodosupplementation in more detail than in previous publications." Also he described how these dosage of iodine benefits people in all areas of their health. He wrote:” Most patients on a daily intake ranging from 12.5 mg to 50 mg elemental iodine reported higher energy levels and greater mental clarity with 50 mg (4 tablets Iodoral), daily. The amount of iodine used in patients with Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast by Ghent et al is 0.1 mg/Kg BW per day, 10 times below the optimal daily intake of 50 mg. In our experience, patients with this clinical condition responded faster and more completely when ingesting 50 mg iodine/iodide per day.” Third: In the first cold or flu symptoms I use Zicam: I like fast dissolved tablets better than other and tablets better than nasal spray/gel swabs. Because it had been told that using it through the nose can diminish its sense. Fourth: For the nose I use "Bio-Silver" Ultra Colloidal Silver 50 ppm, few drops in each nasal passage and if there is sore throat I let it go down to it. When there is inflammation it could hurt a little, but mostly it doesn’t have any negative sensation. Fifth: In addition to my daily multivitamins\minerals regimen in the first symptoms of cold or flu I use supplement “Counter Attack” It really activates the immune response and helps to diminish symptoms and duration of cold and flu very much. Sixth: I use vitamin B12 on daily basic and increase its concentration in the first signs of cold. I prefer patches with B12. I feel that they are the better way to consume this vitamin. With the patches I feel much more energy than with tablets, even sublingual tablets of B12. Seventh: Also I like to use homeopathy remedies such as Aconitum Napellus, 30C Pellets+ Bryonia Alba, 30C Pellets+ Belladonna 30c pellets Also Camphora 30C 75 pellets is very useful with the thirst signs of cold. If there is sore throat I use Spongia Tosta 6c. These homeopathic remedies can be used together. I usually mix 2 pellets of each. Eighth: Very good help in the time of cold is pads Kinoki: It helps detox body which is crucial to fight the infection. Ninth: If you will develop cough (which is unlikely if you will drink bicarbonate of soda) but just in case I’ll tell you that the best cough syrup I’ve tried is Sambucus Immune Syrup: These simple and natural remedies helped me to prevent and treat the cold and flu for me and my family numerous times.