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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Simoron's trick for today

trick for today- if I want to be loved I'll rename myself :"Most loved
person in the world" or simple- sweetheart, honey, etc.

... And I'll think about myself only as sweetheart. honey, etc.

Friday, May 28, 2010

SElf love is the key

But how to achieve it faster and more efficiently?

the affirmation alone works but with supporting energy it works dramatically better so
let's continue our affirmation with energy course for self-love

Students who already finished the course reported great effects -so me reported that relationships with family getting better, some reported that they got love partner their were dreaming about, some starts to sleep better- all kinds of improvements accompany the self love training.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Loving yourself with affirmation and supporting energy

this week I'll start the training for self love: affirmation+ supportingenergy. It works great for lot of people on my forum first affirmation will be :"I love and appreciate myself completely"
anyone who want to participate could use with affirmation and receive the energy with it,o receive the energy you should think:"I am ready to get the energy" after that say the affirmation and relax for few minutes

SO let's start it :) One last word- because we do not love ourselves this affirmation with energy could start healing crisis - do not worry-see more about healing crisis here

I've started this training Sept 16 2008 on my forum for Russian speaking people

and since a lot of people joined it and got dramatically changes in their life, health, love and business.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

negativity banishing

you can try Simoron ritual for negativity baniching:
get old newspaper and smash it into two balls and put it in the old slippers or shoes after that make these shoes goes step by step to the front door and to the dumpster.
better do it at midnight.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Simoron spell for love

Simoron is Russian art of magic. This kind of magic is very different from what we all use to know. There are not any spirits, deities, etc in Simoron. Only fun and laugh.
But it works magically.

The most important thing in Simoron is to get in the soaring state- when you are soaring - you can do any kind of miracles.

Her is the spell and trick for love- try it and be happy :

The sun and the moon the gnom and the frog
The rain and the wind cast spell on the road

My love will go on and happy and bright
My lover with me is the day and the night

And also use Simoron’s trick: get remote from TV, Radio etc., better if it would be small to bring it with you. And every time you’ll start to think about your love push the button “5”. Or if you have more time use combination 5-15-25-25-15-5

Have fun and get real results :)

Me autobiography

All about me and my journey from poor situations and poor health to healthy and happy life. you vcan find in this book

It includes a lot of self help methods and stories how they helped me to get happy and healthy:to get second husband after the first marriage failure, to get birth to second daughter after doctors said I could not have another child and much, much more.

If I could do it – anybody can do it.
Sincerely, Dr. Rozanova