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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

HOW MERLIN SHOULD HAVE ENDED [Funny] / Merlin Alternative Ending

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dari and sword

Dari, Balder, and Hairy lay down on some old sail that they found in the boat, but Boomush sits near Rina and starts to purr very loudly. “Lower your purr, my darling,” Rina gives him a smile. “We do not want to draw attention to us, though Ieronim already knows where we are. Moreva still does not and let it be this way for a while.” Boomush changes his purring to a low voice and starts to rub his head in Rina’s hands. “I know, I know, you are worried about me, that I am not strong enough to defeat Ieronim. Maybe you are right, but I would not use one of your lives – do not offer me such a gift. I’ll try to use the energy of the sea.” Rina says and lifts her hands up like she is hugging the sea, air, and moonlight around her. Dari is in the border state between sleep and awake, and she can see things that she could not in the usual life. She sees how the blue energy of the sea, sparkling energy of the air, and silver energy of the moon, flow inside Rina and make her shine from inside. At this moment, Dari’s eyes close and she gets to her dreams. This time, she is near the underwater cave again, and now she knows that it is not the cave they are looking for. It is some cave where Ieronim has driven them for the battle, and to prevent them from finding the cave with the amulet. Dari sees that Rina is trying to find the way out of this cave, and even Boomush could not do it. “How are we able to breathe underwater?” Dari asks herself, and the answer just pops into her head. “We are not breathing- instead we are getting energy for life from some outside source, and this source may be the sword of freedom, but it is getting weaker and weaker, and in a few moments, it could stop transmitting energy to us.” “What should I do?” And again, the answer is into her head, and it is clear and frightening at the same time. ”You should unite with the sword of freedom and become it.” It was too much for Dari, and she awakes with the loud cry. “What’s the matter?” Rina turns to her.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Litigation continues

Beginning of the story you can see here

We decided to file with the court and found that there are many cases which are support our case. To file with the court you will need pleading paper you can see sample here

WE did not asked for any compensation or injunction, we just explained the situation and asked that this smal part of parking lot would be granted us as easement. we asked for equitable easement, because , though this part was in use a lot of time and can qualify for prescriptive easement , but the permission to use it from neighbor prevents it to be prescriptive easement.

There are several types of easements: Express easements, created by grant deed or contract, i.e., agreed to by the parties and in writing; Implied easements, arising from the inferred intent of the parties upon conveyance of title under cases of reasonable necessity; Equitable easements, granted for long-time use and improvement of land, continuance of which would cause little harm to the property owner and cessation of which would cause irreparable harm to the user; Prescriptive easements, based on continuous, open and observable use of the land for 5 years or more Easements by necessity, created to allow otherwise practically impossible use and enjoyment use of property that is landlocked as a result of severance of parcels

Terms under which easement in situation closest to our situation can be granted set forth in Authority ALI TASHAKORI, et al., Plaintiffs and Respondents, v. JOHN LAKIS, as Trustee, etc., et al., Defendants and Appellants.

1. They did not create the easement it was there long before they bought the property ;

2. They brought the claim for easement as Plaintiffs ;

3. “The court further found that “[t]he Lakises will suffer very little or no harm from the Tashakoris’ use of the driveway and easement area. The Lakises do not use and have never used the shared driveway, nor the land on which the driveway sits,”;

4. “The area is completely separated from the main portion of the Lakis property by a fence and vegetation, and is thus not accessible from the rest of the Lakis property without scaling the fence.”

5. “ The Lakises do not pay and have never paid for upkeep of the shared driveway, nor do they maintain and landscape or have they ever maintained or landscaped the area surrounding the driveway.;

6. “The land on which the easement area is located essentially provides no benefit to the Lakises.”

7. And: “The court noted that the Lakises presented no evidence to suggest that there would be any diminution in value to their property should the court grant the equitable easement sought by the Tashakoris. ”.

8. The trial court found that the Tashakoris were innocent, and their encroachment on the Lakis property was neither willful nor the result of negligence.

9. The Tashakoris reasonably relied on inaccurate representations by the real estate broker and the prior owner.

10. In Tashakori : The potential future use of the driveway by one additional family, should a house ever be built upon Lot 18, will not create a significant additional burden on the easement or the land on which it is located.

11. The court thus entered a judgment granting an equitable easement to Tashakori.

Also some other law cases can be applied: though Tashakori case is about usage of driveway Court deemed for example, in (Miller, supra, 270 Cal.App.2d 289) there the plaintiff successfully sued to establish a right of ingress and egress to his property over a portion of the defendant’s property. Acknowledging that in previous decisions applying the test “the courts were dealing with fixed structures which encroached on the property of another,” the appellate court concluded that “[t]here is no difference in principle, only in degree, between a driveway which cuts across a corner of lands of another and so encroaches 24 hours a day, and the transitory passage of vehicles which intermittently invade such lands.” (Id. at p. 306.).

To be continued

Monday, March 31, 2014

Litigation -how it started

In this series of posts i will tell how I represented myself in civil litigation and got my goal while adverse party which was represented by lawyer did not get what he wanted. In other words- if you want something done- do it yourself. There will be a lot of explanation of strategy in self represented litigation and points which should be avoided or used to prevail. it all started when our neighbor (R.U.) was reported by his previous neighbors his Code violation on erosion caused by animals to County Department in 2006. He had to remove animals from that area and restore vegetation there. When his neighbors move out he decided to do something to prevent such situation in the future. He did not want to care better for animals and prevent erosion but he wanted to have power over his new neighbors and there was a possibility for this. Because of lot line confusion which was going for few decades first owners of our house constructed parking lot in the manner that small part of it was on the neighbor's property, as it had been established by recent survey. and R.U. decided to put a fence not according the survey line but around this small parking lot leaving it on the neighbor's property. It would give him the tool to keep pressure on the neighbors if they will decide to report him as previous neighbors did. When we bought the house he said that he allow us use this part of parking lot and we of course did not understand his game at that time, because we did not the history of previous conflict. But soon, after he released his animals into the part of his yard which is adjoining our front yard and is near our windows- only 20 ft, we stated to understand in which bad situation we got. He did not want to care for animals- they were killing each other just in front of our eyes see dead baby goat photo. They were leaving piles of manure near the fence practically just under our windows, the soil start to move down to our property because R.U.'s property is on the slope above our property and animals again caused great erosion.R.U. did not want to do anything for it just was frightened us that if we will complain he will took this part of parking lot and because the parking lot is small and is on the slope as well we would lose the space for one car. But the condition with noise, dead animals, feces, dust etc were so bad that we had no choice but to report the problem to County administration. R.U. became so angry and right after inspector from County health department left he started to remove the fence in attempt to move it across the parking lot according the property line. We called the police and it stopped him. after that he attempted to move the fence a few more time, though he promised to police not to do so. and finally we had no choice but file to court and the story of this litigation I'll tell you . To be continued....

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cosmic Clinic healing energy Attunement

About 20 years ago I've been attuned to very interesting and powerful energy which can help to increase stamina & sports results among with healing the whole body. It had been developed by Russian energy healer and tested by Russian sport's physicians. It has very simple protocol- no hand positions, no symbols as it is in Reiki- just intent. I was giving this attunement to my students for about 15 years and they reported wonderful results. Such healing of various ailments, increasing results in sports and in business &personal life improvement. If you want to get this attunement- just write comment with the request and I'll answer you with explanation what you should do to get it.

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