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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

John Barrowman on Doctor Who 50th anniversary and Torchwood 5

15 Harry Potter Characters That Never Made The Movies

It’s almost exactly a decade since Harry Potter & Co arrived in cinemas for the first time in The Philosopher’s Stone, but since the first film the cast of characters in JK Rowling’s wizarding world has multiplied faster than the treasure in that Gringotts safe. Yet while the books grew as the series progressed, unfortunately the films still had to come in under the three hour mark (boo!) and more characters were given the chop as we reached the series’ climax. Here are fifteen characters who didn’t make it on to the screen. But have we missed your favourites? Read more at ONTD:

Dr. Oz proves the FDA lied; was right about apple juice killing us

Brands included Apple & Eve, Great Value, Mott's, Walgreens and Welch's. Read more: Catalytic Therapy of cancer

Promo Pictures For the Downton Abbey Christmas Special A bunch of promo pics for the Downton Abbey Christmas Special have been released. TRULY THIS SPECIAL IS GOING TO BE THE BEST PRESENT OF ALL THIS CHRISTMAS. I hope that this is how the game of charades play out. Four words. "I still love Matthew." Omg. The way that she is looking at him. I cannot. I think the hunting scene will be the death of me. Mary is flawless and gorgeous even in the background of pictures. I want to believe that O'Brien and Thomas are going to pretend to be William from beyond the grave in order to troll Daisy. What is happening in this scene?! Is Matthew giving Mary a gift? Showing her something? IDEK. Bates is on trial and no1curr. Read more at ONTD: My protocol to beauty and health

Reports from the set in Iceland

Icelandic reporters and journalists were given access to the set of Game of Thrones yesterday. A few reports have come out today as a result. First, this article from Icelandic news site Vísir which features an interview with producer Chris Newman, who was instrumental in bringing the production to Iceland. The article says filming has been going well so far and reveals that the production is already looking into returning to Iceland for season three. (A rough translation of the full article provided by Strong Belwas after the break.) The best part of this report is the new pic of Jon Snow in his cold weather Night’s Watch gear! Vísir has also published a video report with soundbites from Newman as well as David Benioff and D.B. Weiss plus lots of shots of the Icelandic scenery. The video doesn’t seem to be embeddable, so you’ll have to click the link to view it. Reiki – scientific point of view

War Horse Dari the sword of freedom

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Smash, New TV Show Set on Broadway, Picked Up by NBC

NBC has picked up the pilot for Smash, the new TV show set around the drama of producing a Broadway musical. The eagerly-anticipated new series will feature Debra Messing, Angelina Huston, Katharine McPhee (American Idol) and Broadway stars including Megan Hilty, Christian Borle and Brian d’Arcy James.

Season 2: Premiering on PBS January 8, 2012

Merlin: A Herald Of The New Age Preview

Emma Watson 'My Week With Marilyn' Colin Asking Lucy Out

Ryan Gosling: I think like a girl HOLLYWOOD'S newest heart-throb puts his success down to his feminine side.

OF LATE, Hollywood has been pondering the question: "Is Ryan Gosling the new George Clooney?" Clooney both stars in and directs Gosling, 30, in political thriller The Ides of March, the poster for which apes a Time magazine cover in which the pair's faces are not only juxtaposed but morphing directly into each other. So often the mother of reinvention, no wonder Hollywood is confused. So too is Gosling's mother. "I think the poster is just Clooney showing how much better-looking he is than me," Gosling says with a laugh, "but my mother saw something else entirely. She called me and was so excited, saying, 'You're on the cover of Time magazine!' I had to say, 'No, it's just the poster for the movie, ma'." Read more at ONTD:

Friday, November 25, 2011

Nicholas Nixon photos

Natasha Ivanichek Photos

Panto star John Barrowman nabs hotel thief.. TORCHWOOD star John Barrowman rugby-tackled a would-be-thief in a hotel. The 44-year-old was in the Radisson Blu in Glasgow city centre when he heard a scream. A woman and her husband had woken up to find two boys ransacking their room in the early hours of yesterday. John - who will play Robinson Crusoe in panto in the city - tackled one of the fleeing teens along with the concierge. Read more at ONTD:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Wench & The Kingslayer (BOOK SPOILERS)

Game of thrones - Clash of Kings teaser

House of Stark - character songs

Jon || Daenerys ~ I Don't Know You

Rhaegar/Lyanna/Robert - Wishful Thinking

Browse|Movies |Upload 4. Alex Kingston 2011.11.16 - Craig Ferguson [HD]

Jaime/Brienne - Space and Time

Friday, November 18, 2011

Catalytic Therapy of cancer

Catalytic Therapy of cancer

Battle of the Century Poster More at IMDbPro » Boardwalk Empire (TV series 2010) Battle of the Century

Arriving in Belfast, Nucky and Owen meet with IRA leaders with a barter proposition. Meanwhile, in Atlantic City, Jimmy and his partners broker a deal with George Remus for his "medicinal" alcohol before taking a break to see/hear the Dempsey fight. Margaret frets when Emilyʼs illness takes a turn for the worse; Dunn Purnsley orchestrates a workerʼs strike at the Ritz; Waxey Gordon takes action against Manny Horvitz in Philadelphia; Randolph and Clifford Lathrop grill Halloran about Nuckyʼs past. Written by HBO Publicity

My protocol to beauty and health

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Casting News for the Downton Abbey Christmas Special

Quintessential English actor Nigel Havers will appear in the Christmas special of hit ITV period drama Downton Abbey, can confirm. The 59-year old is to play the part of suave aristocrat Lord Hepworth in a yule-tide edition of the programme, set to return for a second series this Autumn. Read more at ONTD:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Downton Abbey is given third series

Period drama Downton Abbey has been commissioned for an eight-part third series, ITV has announced. The new run will be set in the early 1920s and continue to chart the fortunes of the Crawley family and their servants.

Downton Abbey 2-8

Episode eight In the final episode of the second series there's a mixture of joy, heartache and tragedy at Downton Abbey.

Boardwalk Empire's Shea Whigham Joins Silver Linings Playbook

Now that Shea Whigham was wrapped filming on the second season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, he’s free to pursue big-screen gigs for his hiatus, and word has reached us that he’s attaching his name to an anticipated drama. Whigham reportedly will join Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro in David O. Russell’s The Silver Lining Playbook, according to Deadline. The site doesn’t mention which part Whigham will play, though Russell’s supporting cast is loaded with similar heavyweights, from Julia Stiles and Chris Tucker to Animal Kingdom Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver.

Boardwalk Empire In LA: The Top Speakeasy-Style Hangouts By Mar Yvette With the second season of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" in full swing, I'm having a serious case of nostalgia. Never mind the crooked politicians and ultra-violent bootlegging crime bosses of Prohibition-era Atlantic City. I'm talking about the glitz and glamour of a time when fashion was front and center for men and women alike, and going out for a drink, or even a steak, was dangerously exciting. And I'm not the only one. Look around and you'll notice the growing trend of 20s- and 30s-style restaurants, bars and entertainment around LA. Inspired by the days of backdoor speakeasies, snazzy-jazzy tunes and burlesque babes, here are 10 places--along with a list of local bands and entertainers--that let you live it up in true Boardwalk Empire style.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have Revenge and Ringer made primetime serials hot again?

Every new television season comes with an unexpected development, but this fall’s big surprise is a true stunner: Powered by the strength of ABC’s “Revenge” and The CW’s “Ringer,” prime-time serials are enjoying a surge of renewed popularity. The healthy ratings for the premiere of ABC’s fanciful “Once Upon a Time,” the most unique (and most complex) serial to come along since “Lost,” further clarify the desires of many television viewers for the kinds of ongoing stories in which they want to invest. Read more at ONTD:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011