Sometimes the problem with prediction is that after you hear about certain positive event in future  you put so much energy for waiting it that this energy disrupt the future. And it never happen. Or at least it doesn't happen before you stop waiting it so much.

The main rule for getting something that you want is stop wanting it so much.

I think very often you notice that if you stop wanting something it's happen, but before, when you want it very much it's never happened.

So we have to learn how to want not much and not disrupt the future by our excess energy.

Try to do the imagination like this- write down your with and connect it to the air balloon and let it go to the sky.

You even can do it in real life.

After doing this a few times ( in imagination or in real life) you'll see that your wish do not bother you so much anymore and it's the sign that it can happen in reality.