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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dari Chapter 6 closer and closer to evil Noriva

Chapter 6 Dari stands up, planning to go outside like Rina told her before all this happened with Archie, but Rina stops her. “Do not bother. I said that before only because I wanted to test Archie. I thought he may be the spy for Moreva, and I was right, as usual. I hate to be right all the time, but no matter. Let’s talk.” Dari sits down and starts to feed the fire, while Rina explains what she discovered today on her trip. “Today I tried to understand why Moreva has so much power over your people,“ Rina says, turning to Darta and Mastlis. “You told me when you visited me that people were going under her spells very easily, and nobody could free them from it. And today, we saw how it works with Archiee. As I said before, it could be due to the similarities between the vibration of Moravia’s spells, and people’s minds and spirits. The problem is to find out why such vibrations appear in the minds of your people. I have a few ideas about it. One idea connects us with the time of the first rebellion. People were very angry at that time, and they wanted to get what they thought was rightfully theirs, and what rich people took from them. And in some ways, they were right - rich people did take more than they should - in high taxes, low work payments, etc. But taking it by force, people inevitably crossed the border and took much more than belonged to them, and even took lives. It was the first step in bringing them closer to Moravia’s vibrations. The dark emotions, like envy, greed, and merciless, had been seeded in them. And after a time, it gained deep roots and produced deadly flowers, which resulted in new violence.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dari-prince undercover

DARI Why did you attack me? Dari shakes him with anger, not cooling from the fight yet and still shaking inside and out. DARI What did you want? SECOND MAN We thought that you were playing with the sword and didn’t know how to fight, so we wanted to take your sword and maybe something else you have. he says, trying to avoid her eyes, which are firing at him like lightening. But she will not allow him to turn his head and continues to look into his eyes. SECOND MAN We were wrong. You are an excellent fighter. Perhaps you spotted us and were pretending that you don’t know how to fight in order to drive us out and defeat us?” His head finally goes down when Dari loosens her grip on his shoulders. DARI No, I didn’t know how to fight, and I didn’t see you two. I was just trying to learn how to fight and got it right just before your arrival. she says as she starts to cool down, and her heart starts to beat calmly. SECOND MAN No way. It can’t be possible that you just started to learn. I saw you fighting with Archiee, and believe me, he is quite a fighter. DARI I am telling you the truth, and I have no intention of arguing with you. If you do not believe me, it’s your business. I just want to know who you are, and how many of you are in the forest? SECOND MAN I’m Balder the third, Prince of this land. DARI Oh yeah? If so, I am the Mistress of this forest. BALDER Please believe me! I really am a Prince. DARI But what do you do in the forest, attacking people. And why do you dress like this? Dari still cannot believe that he is a prince. She saw the count of her land once. He was so well-dressed and had so many servants around him, who were well-dressed, also, that this man could not even be considered a servant, let alone a noble man. BALDER It is a very long story. And I am too tired and hungry to tell it now. DARI I have some food left, but we should go to the cave to get it. Can you promise me that you will not try to attack me again, and I’ll untie you? BALDER All right, I promise. Besides, you have such amazing sword skills, and such a big and scary dog, that I won’t attack you again, even without a promise. DARI Oh, I forgot to ask you. How did it happen that you were not afraid of the dog before you attacked me? BALDER You know, we didn’t notice the dog. It seemed like you were alone here, and the dog just appeared from thin air out of nowhere. DARI Maybe Hairy has some of Rina’s skills too. BALDER Who is Rina? DARI Rina is master and my teacher, and she is really a master with many skills. And Hairy is her dog, so maybe she took some of her skills after Rina and can become invisible, or can just make her enemy’s eyes not see her. explains Dari while untying him. DARI You are free now. Let’s go now to our cave and see what is left there to eat. They go through the bushes, and after a few steps, a cave entrance appears in front of them.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Dari -adventures continue

After a while, Dari gets the feeling that the sword is becoming too heavy, and her feet turn into two stones, which she has to move with all her strength. ”I’d better rest a while,” she thinks, but something or someone inside her head tells her, “Do not rest. Try a few more rounds, and you’ll get it.” ”What will I get?” Dari says angrily to this voice, feeling tired and frustrated that she cannot learn how to fight with these foolish moves. ”You’ll get into the soaring state, and then you’ll get all you need,” answers her inner voice. ”Oh, yeah? And I’ll be the queen of the world. Or better yet, I’ll be the ruler of the universe, or maybe I’ll be this stone, or this sun, or this wind, or this blue sky,” Dari says with great anger. But then she renames herself a few more times, and she understands that her anger and tiredness will fade away. After she renames herself to “blue sky,” she starts to feel the wings on her back, and the light breeze on her face, just like she is soaring in the sky. Suddenly her hands take the sword in some strange position, and she understands right away that this is the position she needs to fight. And it was about time, because two men appear in front of her from out of nowhere and attack her with their swords.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Herbs and Vitamin C Against Cancer Cells

Extracts of common herbs were introduced into cancer cell cultures followed by ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and copper sulfate (CuSO4). The result was the death of most of the cancer cells. This fascinating article discusses this new research: The same unstable molecules that may cause cells to turn cancerous can be harnessed to treat cancer, and researchers are finding that natural herbal pigments are an effective catalyst to produce these cancer-killing molecules, according to a study in Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The treatment is called catalytic therapy (CT), and it exploits the same reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can damage DNA in normal cells to the point that they turn cancerous. “We use the same quality in cancer therapy, but in catalytic therapy ROS harm only cancer cells,” says lead study author Nadejda Rozanova, PhD, a researcher in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, Santa Cruz. “And it is because the concentration of catalytic therapy agents is much higher in cancer cells than in normal cells. There is no ROS production in normal cells with these concentrations of CT agents.” Catalytic therapy produces ROS through a chemical reaction in which one chemical is used as a catalyst and another chemical reacts to it. Often the catalyst is a metal, such as Co phthalocyanine (PcCo), and the reactant is ascorbate (vitamin C). These components are harmless by themselves, but together in the right concentration they work like a binary weapon and destroy cancer cells. Various catalyst-reactant combinations have been investigated, but in this study, researchers wanted to find out whether natural herbal pigments would be an effective enough catalyst to kill cancer cells. They tested pigments from the herbs St. John’s Wort, Bilberry, and Blue Malva on human breast cancer and mouse skin cancer cells. Ascorbic acid was used to trigger the chemical reaction.

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