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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chapter 5, part 2 -

Chapter 5, part 2 -
t was too much for Dari and she awake with the loud cry. “What the matter?” Rina turned to her.
Dari told her the store about her became the sword of freedom. Rina took her hand and said:” It is the truth- you can unite with the sword and became the one with it, because after your training you start to understand and feel it like you feel yourself. It happened before with other people who were using this sword. Now the sword chooses you to be his continuation. It is not so scary how it may look like- you would not became iron still thing- you’ll be still human being, but the sword will be connect with you very strongly and you’ll exchange the energy and this energy would be multiplying when goes from one to another and will be never end. Also nobody else will be able to use the sword – in the hand of the other person it would became so heavy that it would not be possible to lift it.’