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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hill sliding to my yard

My house is near the site there heavy animals destroyed vegetation and top soil and created accelerated erosion. Dust sliding in my yard through the fence, it's floating in the air and going to our house and it's already cause illness in our family. So I need to build the fence. Now it's around 24 inches of dust accumulated behind the fence and goes through the fence to my yard. This dust is mixed with animals feces because the animal site was not cleaned from manure for 3 years- feces only got covered by dust and continue slide to my yard and go to the air with the wind and when animals run around. I installed additional screens to the window but it's not enough - dust with feces go to the house and especially to my daughter bedroom. My husband got strong inflammation of eye lid attributed by his physician to dust\animal exposure. I feel this dust in my through all the time and my eyes start to itch as well. Bureaucrats from code enforcement department and health department do not want to help us though there are clear code violation :" Accelerated Erosion” means erosion of a significant amount caused by a human-induced alteration of the vegetation, land surface, topography, or runoff pattern. Evidence of accelerated erosion is often indicated by exposed soils, gullies, rills, sediment deposits, or slope failures caused by human activities". So we decided to help ourselves and build the high fence which can stop the dust in the air with the heavy bottom which can stop the dust\feces sliding from the hill to our yard. For this project we need rise money because we were naive to believe that authorities can help us by stopping this situation and we didn't save enough money for such fence. Please help us because no one else can. Also, please, get the word out and make some noise about my campaign.