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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How I survived few major crises and am planning to survive this one or the help from within

Part 1 I was born at 1958 and raised in the downtown of Moscow- the capital of the former My parents were relatively old mother 36 years old and father 50 years old and they had a lot contacts with radiation materials. So my health was not very good from the beginning. Nothing obvious but I were not strong as most of the children are, could not run and play all day long and prefer to read, draw the pictures and create the stories mostly in my mind. When I grew older and went to school I became the first student in all subjects except physical education. But I were very persistent and tried to increase my physical ability- I took swimming lessons, skating lessons, spent a lot of time on the bicycle and gain the popularity among other children by climbing high trees in the village near Moscow there we spent every summer. I think that these constant efforts to overcome my weaknesses helped me in the future tests which had been prepared for me by faiths or karma or circumstances. I had been raised in the very loveable environment and thought that the whole world is based on love. So when I fell in love at 18th I decided that I would like to spend all my life with this man, I married him and got birth to a beautiful daughter. I were still in the University but my parents helped me and my family and life looked nice, but not for long. My mother died from cancer 1.5 year after my daughter was born and it was such great shock for me that my hidden health weakness floated to the surface and it turn out to be the overactive thyroid. After a year from my mother passed away my father died as well and it of course did not add me health. So I were very ill but still need to finish the University and without outside help. My husband worked much and his work included a lot of business trips. And, even worse, he started to drink a lot- very common problem in Russian families. Line in vine and spirits store My day usually looked like this- in the morning I had to bring daughter to day care, after that hurry to the clinic for some procedure – for example to get shot under the eyes ( overactive thyroid affects eyes). It was the method by which eyes problem like light sensitivity caused by overactive thyroid had been treated. After that I hurried to the lectures or the exams. In the evening the every day battle for food had began. In former Soviet Union was very hard to get good food in the stores- may be you saw the commercial of Honey Nut cheerios in which all shelves in store had been filled by Honey Nut Cheerios only? And it is the real picture of Soviet’s grocery stores. Only there was no Honey Nut Cheerios but sometimes like the packs of macaroni, or oatmeal, or cans with seaweed or something like this filled the shelves. .....Not very healthy day schedule for weak and ill person- do not you think? And if I want to survive I had no other choice but to try to get healthier....My husband drunk more and more and all of these got me to think about ending my life which became unbearable. Only necessity to care for my daughter held me in life, because without me with such farther she would not stand a chance for a decent life. I decided to look for some alternative ways to increase my health and situation. But it was very hard. In Soviet Union most of all alternative methods of medicine, healing, self help and meditation had been prohibited by government. Healers often had been put in jail. So I had to find the way completely on my own. I didn’t know at that time about techniques to calm the mind and how it could help to improve your life, but I followed for my intuition see the methods which helped me to get well here