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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dari and sword

Dari, Balder, and Hairy lay down on some old sail that they found in the boat, but Boomush sits near Rina and starts to purr very loudly. “Lower your purr, my darling,” Rina gives him a smile. “We do not want to draw attention to us, though Ieronim already knows where we are. Moreva still does not and let it be this way for a while.” Boomush changes his purring to a low voice and starts to rub his head in Rina’s hands. “I know, I know, you are worried about me, that I am not strong enough to defeat Ieronim. Maybe you are right, but I would not use one of your lives – do not offer me such a gift. I’ll try to use the energy of the sea.” Rina says and lifts her hands up like she is hugging the sea, air, and moonlight around her. Dari is in the border state between sleep and awake, and she can see things that she could not in the usual life. She sees how the blue energy of the sea, sparkling energy of the air, and silver energy of the moon, flow inside Rina and make her shine from inside. At this moment, Dari’s eyes close and she gets to her dreams. This time, she is near the underwater cave again, and now she knows that it is not the cave they are looking for. It is some cave where Ieronim has driven them for the battle, and to prevent them from finding the cave with the amulet. Dari sees that Rina is trying to find the way out of this cave, and even Boomush could not do it. “How are we able to breathe underwater?” Dari asks herself, and the answer just pops into her head. “We are not breathing- instead we are getting energy for life from some outside source, and this source may be the sword of freedom, but it is getting weaker and weaker, and in a few moments, it could stop transmitting energy to us.” “What should I do?” And again, the answer is into her head, and it is clear and frightening at the same time. ”You should unite with the sword of freedom and become it.” It was too much for Dari, and she awakes with the loud cry. “What’s the matter?” Rina turns to her.