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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Promo Pictures For the Downton Abbey Christmas Special A bunch of promo pics for the Downton Abbey Christmas Special have been released. TRULY THIS SPECIAL IS GOING TO BE THE BEST PRESENT OF ALL THIS CHRISTMAS. I hope that this is how the game of charades play out. Four words. "I still love Matthew." Omg. The way that she is looking at him. I cannot. I think the hunting scene will be the death of me. Mary is flawless and gorgeous even in the background of pictures. I want to believe that O'Brien and Thomas are going to pretend to be William from beyond the grave in order to troll Daisy. What is happening in this scene?! Is Matthew giving Mary a gift? Showing her something? IDEK. Bates is on trial and no1curr. Read more at ONTD: My protocol to beauty and health