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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ryan Gosling: I think like a girl HOLLYWOOD'S newest heart-throb puts his success down to his feminine side.

OF LATE, Hollywood has been pondering the question: "Is Ryan Gosling the new George Clooney?" Clooney both stars in and directs Gosling, 30, in political thriller The Ides of March, the poster for which apes a Time magazine cover in which the pair's faces are not only juxtaposed but morphing directly into each other. So often the mother of reinvention, no wonder Hollywood is confused. So too is Gosling's mother. "I think the poster is just Clooney showing how much better-looking he is than me," Gosling says with a laugh, "but my mother saw something else entirely. She called me and was so excited, saying, 'You're on the cover of Time magazine!' I had to say, 'No, it's just the poster for the movie, ma'." Read more at ONTD: