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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How I've helped the ghost to move to the other side

In 2009 when we bought the house strange situations started- I heard the foot steps at night, i felt some presence and I saw in my inner screen small black haired girl, who was living inside big oak tree near our parking lot. She looks scarred, her face and hairs were dirty, her hands were skinny. I've started to use various brands of Reiki to send to this girl to calm her. Step by step strange situations stopped but I still felt that she is here. I did not know at that time who it was, but after a while we uncovered the truth- there was fatal car accident on our property - mother did not put parking regime on the car and car moved down the hill( the house is on the hill). But older daughter already opened the side door of the minivan and removed the protection belt from younger daughter. Car went down trough the trees and retaining walls and landed on the side and small girl was under the car. Neighbors tried to lift the car from her,but unsuccessfully and girl died. Looked like her spirit still lived in the yard and visited the house. With Reiki and other healing energies I've manages to send her to the other side. And her father who was visited the space there she died for more than 20 years got his piece of mind and did not visited last 3 years. So it was good not only for spirit but for her father as well.