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Monday, October 10, 2011

8 Radically Different Classics for the Fantasy Lover Read much fantasy? Not at all? Personally, I have been an avid fantasy lover ever since I was little, and always dived for anything that had the remotest hint of magic in it. However, at some point I started feeling as though everything I read was the same. I still loved fantasy just as much, but everything felt like part of the same, giant book! Here's what it came down to: fantasy, like many other genres, has certain recurrent themes. While many authors write their own individual takes on these themes (and do just as well!), there can be good amount of similarity, and past a certain point, nothing seems new anymore. This list is not a top fantasy list. It's a list targeted at fantasy lovers. In it, you'll find sci-fi, action, magical realism, and a few gems which I feel are able to represent subgenres of fantasy.