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Thursday, October 13, 2011

David Boreanaz Cheating Interview Never Happened, Says Rep

We were right. There's not a chance in heck that David Boreanaz would ever consider endorsing an online dating service for people in relationships cheaters. "This is an absurd story and not an opportunity that would ever be entertained," his rep says in a statement. In fact… READ: Parks and Rec Star Loves Nudity, Not Marriage Turns out that the offer was inspired by something that never happened. Here's the deal: The Australian edition of TV Week recently reported that the Bones star told them in an interview that his affair last year proved to be a "bonding experience" for him and his wife, Jaime Bergman. Based on that, the dating service came calling. No so fast, people. "David did not talk directly to TV Week," his rep said. "His recent quotes were from a press conference on behalf of Bones and taken out of context." While Boreanaz admitted in May 2010 that he had an affair, the cheating scandal was never mentioned by Boreanaz or anyone else for that matter during the recent press conference. WATCH: Marc's got Johnny Depp scoop on movie adaptation of one his all-time faves, 21 Jump Street