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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Emma Watson: From Wizards to Wallflowers

Nobody ever got through high school without being a little aimless and more than a little dramatic. Not so long ago Emma Watson discovered that for herself. Ms. Watson was in this leafy suburb of Pittsburgh, a 30-minute drive from the glass-and-steel downtown, filming a movie that’s set at Peters Township High School. Every day she arrived at the sprawling campus, with its swim team and banners promoting reading, to experience the youthful rites that, as the Oxfordshire-bred star of the “Harry Potter” franchise from age 10 to 20, had otherwise eluded her. “Oh my goodness, so many firsts,” she said, speaking in an excited rush during a break from filming. “I did the prom! We all get dressed up and we go in a limo, and get photographs. It’s been really fun for me to get to graduate. Eating in the school canteen; all these things that I’ve always sort of said to my American friends, ‘Oh, that looks amazing, that looks so fun, I’m jealous.’ And I get to do it for this movie.” Read more at ONTD: