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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood: "I'm Still Suicidal" and Reiki

Amber Portwood just hit a huge pothole on her road to recovery. Less than two months after checking out of a rehab facility, where she was being treated for depression and anger management following a suicide attempt, the Teen Mom star was rushed to the hospital again. What was the emergency this time? Amber apparently suffered a severe panic attack Wednesday. "I couldn't breathe and I passed out," the beleaguered baby mama tells E! News exclusively. "I stopped breathing." Amber's recent anguish has done little to inspire public sympathy for the reality star. Tabloids have recently reported that she has been partying and rarely visits Leah, her daughter with Gary Shirley. "Honestly, I feel like I did two months ago. I'm still suicidal," Amber revealed to E! News today. "I'm f--king depressed. My family's not together." Read more at ONTD: I had a few students with the same problem and Reiki helped them very well.