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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dari Chapter 6 closer and closer to evil Noriva

Chapter 6 Dari stands up, planning to go outside like Rina told her before all this happened with Archie, but Rina stops her. “Do not bother. I said that before only because I wanted to test Archie. I thought he may be the spy for Moreva, and I was right, as usual. I hate to be right all the time, but no matter. Let’s talk.” Dari sits down and starts to feed the fire, while Rina explains what she discovered today on her trip. “Today I tried to understand why Moreva has so much power over your people,“ Rina says, turning to Darta and Mastlis. “You told me when you visited me that people were going under her spells very easily, and nobody could free them from it. And today, we saw how it works with Archiee. As I said before, it could be due to the similarities between the vibration of Moravia’s spells, and people’s minds and spirits. The problem is to find out why such vibrations appear in the minds of your people. I have a few ideas about it. One idea connects us with the time of the first rebellion. People were very angry at that time, and they wanted to get what they thought was rightfully theirs, and what rich people took from them. And in some ways, they were right - rich people did take more than they should - in high taxes, low work payments, etc. But taking it by force, people inevitably crossed the border and took much more than belonged to them, and even took lives. It was the first step in bringing them closer to Moravia’s vibrations. The dark emotions, like envy, greed, and merciless, had been seeded in them. And after a time, it gained deep roots and produced deadly flowers, which resulted in new violence.