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Friday, December 13, 2013

Dari -adventures continue

After a while, Dari gets the feeling that the sword is becoming too heavy, and her feet turn into two stones, which she has to move with all her strength. ”I’d better rest a while,” she thinks, but something or someone inside her head tells her, “Do not rest. Try a few more rounds, and you’ll get it.” ”What will I get?” Dari says angrily to this voice, feeling tired and frustrated that she cannot learn how to fight with these foolish moves. ”You’ll get into the soaring state, and then you’ll get all you need,” answers her inner voice. ”Oh, yeah? And I’ll be the queen of the world. Or better yet, I’ll be the ruler of the universe, or maybe I’ll be this stone, or this sun, or this wind, or this blue sky,” Dari says with great anger. But then she renames herself a few more times, and she understands that her anger and tiredness will fade away. After she renames herself to “blue sky,” she starts to feel the wings on her back, and the light breeze on her face, just like she is soaring in the sky. Suddenly her hands take the sword in some strange position, and she understands right away that this is the position she needs to fight. And it was about time, because two men appear in front of her from out of nowhere and attack her with their swords.