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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Healing session

This session consist from a few healing energies such as Reiki, cosmic clinic, Celtic Reiiki, mahatma, Lightplanet Reiki, Sunshine Reiki , etc. It can help in any area of the life. Choose one problem from any area of your life - it can be health, relationships, business, etc. and do the preliminary test as shown here first do it without thinking about your problem and see how strong your grip is and after that do it with the thinking about your problem and see how it weaken you. After that sit or lay down and think :"I am ready to get the healing session for my problem ( name of the problem) from Nadejda". You may experiencing warm, relaxation, tingling, etc. And you may not experiences any sensation. But still wait a few minutes ( 15-20 min) and after that do the self testing again. And you'll see how even one session diminish the influence of your problem on your strength. For better results receive as much sessions as you can. You can do it every day.