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Friday, September 9, 2011

Weight loss

I developed energy for weight management few years ago- I didn't gain weight since I started to use this energy. Moreover my students who received this attunements reported not only weight management but weight loss as well. If you want to get this attunement write your name in the comments. After you can sit relax and receive the attuenement. It is very easy to use- you can put your hands to the area you wish to shrink and leave them there as much as you want; or you can charge water with this energy by placing your hand around the glass of water and then drink it any time you feel hungry or just through the day. Or if you are familiar with the energy work you can use this energy just by intent- create the intent of weight loss or weight management and think about this energy. Also I think this method of weight loss is interesting; And most important thing about weight loss is that you should not force yourself not to
eat. It should go by itself without any power applying to it. Because your appetite point to the very important thing- deficiency of some vitamin or micro element in your body or deficiency of energy in it. So to lose weight you should first compensate these deficiencies by supplement or energy treatment, or unblocking the meridians by acupressure.