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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reiki versus skeptics from James Randi foundation

Recently I've applied for the challenge on this site of James Randi foundation Though it has been told on the internet that it is hard to apply and foundation representatives treated applicants badly I decided to try anyway. And the first step proved that concerned applicants had been right. When I sent my application along with the video of the experiments, which are showing the effect of Reiki on plants growing, this application never reach the foundation. I used the address provided on the web page but apparently it didn't work. Communication director from this site answered my e-mail but couldn't explain what was wrong. I had to sent the second application and this time I choose the UPS with signature and by this way I discovered that address was wrong. After that they admitted that adders is wrong and provided me the right one. I just wondering how during a few weeks when I asked them almost every day about the reason why the application had not been received nobody see that the address is wrong? Moreover on my e-mail had been answered only communication director but not Challenge Administrator who had to receive this application. The second application had been received after I had to change address by phone on the package which had been inside the UPS system. Now, as I had been told by communication director I had to wait news from Challenge Administrator . I think that it could be the end of the challenge because I do not hope to get news from him. The more I read about this foundation the more I see that they accept the challenge only from people who are the fraud or are the easy target to insulting and easy being frustrated from long waiting of answers. But I 'll try to get them to the some practical steps in the challenge. I do not get easily insulted by language because English is my second language and I do not feel nuances, and even foul language ( about which had been told on the web:"his correspondence with the foundation was edited to remove foul language of the foundation’s representative" So it's getting interesting how the things will go. I will keep you posted.
update; 04/04/13 Now it's been more than a year and they still didn't read the documents I've sent them - or what they saying they didn't read it. But I think that they are afraid to take this challenge because they see that they can lose it.