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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Biggest Loser Johnny Forger Talks About Weight Gain From Advil

The Biggest Loser contestant Johnny Forger gained 2 pounds this last week at weigh-in and to his surprise it was because he was taking too many Advil. "It was a shock to me because I was working hard and I anticipated maybe a four- or five-pound drop," Forger told reporters. "But I had overdone the Advil – like eight or ten a day – and that causes a lot of fluid retention. I made a mistake." Even though he is gone from the Ranch, Johnny has learned a lot while on the show and plans to incorporate it into daily living. "They made a big difference in what they taught me. It's simplified the eating process and I understand what the exercise is all about," he said. "It really kicked in." But it wasn't just learning about exercise, but how to fuel his body rather than overeating. Read more at ONTD: And if he would not tried to shut down by pin killers the voice of his body trying to tell him that something is wrong but tried to use very simple supplement instead he would not gain weight- he would lose it. See more