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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

7 Proven Steps to more Youth and Happiness

For example, I have a young-looking 56-year-old friend. We compared notes on how we maintain our health, and we found our protocols and longevity plans were similar. He measured his biological age, and found out he was about 35 years old! I did the same and got similar results. I’m 65 now (chronologically). Yet my blood pressure is better than it was when I was 35 and fit. (If you’re not monitoring your blood pressure, you’re ignoring a basic health tool.) My cholesterol levels are almost as good, and my body fat is about the same. I attribute that to my improved diet and supplements and continuing to exercise regularly. My skin elasticity, respiratory function and reaction time compare to someone in their mid 40’s, and my immune profile, neurological scores and blood tests are equal to those of a 45 year old man’s. Finally, an online test measured me at about 50.