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Monday, October 14, 2013

Reiki Symbols, What Why, When and are they important? Pleasee share your thoughts ideas and views.

Me posts in this discussion Nadejda Nadejda Rozanova, PhD Biochemistry researcher, Reiki Master\Teacher at Healing energies About symbols, as pointed out Hirosho Doi in his book, symbols do nothing they are just 3rd wheels for people who do not used to work with energies. and after they learn it they can drop these wheels.It's not my view- it's view of Master Hiroshi Doi from this book Modern Reiki Method for Healing by Hiroshi Doi, Reiki Master here is interview with him there he said " However, Usui Sensei said, “You will find for yourself that you have no need of the symbols after you have used them again and again and again,” and you will soon “uplift your consciousness to become one with the universe.” So even though the symbols are tools to connect with Reiki, their necessity will no longer exist when everything in your daily life comes to resonate with Reiki. I compare the symbols to a rubber swimming tube used when one first learns to swim. The tube is a very helpful tool for a beginner, but one needs to let go of it to become good at swimming. Up to the point at which one no longer needs them, the symbols, like the rubber tube, should be used with care. But if one believes that one’s abilities are owing to the tool, one will not be able to let go of it. The basis of the symbol is the same all over the world, though some differences between the symbols themselves can be found; in the same way that rubber swimming tubes vary a little in their design, if not their purpose." "Hatsurei-ho" (Chapter 13) Mr Hiroshi Doi is one of the better known Reiki masters in Japan and in 1998 he published a book that sheds a little more light on the practice of Reiki in Japan, and as Mikao Usui taught it. His Reiki training began in a grass-roots style of... About "who are we to know better" -I think that we all are human beings and every one can know better than others. For example Dr Usui, if he choose to think that he is nobody and can't know better, would never create his system- because there were a lot of healing systems at that time and he, thinking that he can't know better would just use these systems. Also he would not make his system public, because it was customary to keep such knowledge in the family -he explained it himself, but he decided that he knows better and made the system public. do not think that he has more training than most of us- he studied some religious esoteric practices than he was young, but after that was working a lot of different not related to any inner growth professions, at some point than his life situation was going down he was meditated 21 days- a lot of people who work with self help/esoteric practices have same or bigger experience. I do not think that we should treat him as almighty god or all-know guru, I think he himself would oppose such treatment and would tell us do not diminish ourselves to nobody. The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai Handbook was given him to his students so we can be sure that he wrote this book. Symbols can have energy only because of people who use them- people delegate their energy to any symbols they use or like and people's energy create the egregore of any symbols- the symbol is used the more is egregore associated with it. Egregore can help followers with the energy it has but mostly ergegores pull out the energies from their followers. It is very important to cut the connection with all egregores and reiki can help with it. Unfortunate reiki practitioners create new egregores by their faith in symbols and this can be dangerous for them. Egregore pull the energy from them and even reiki can't help to replace all pulled energy. May it was the reason of Dr. Usui untimely death and Dr. Hyashi tragic end.