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Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Reiki 1 st degree attunement

What is Reiki and what is attunement Reiki is Japanese healing art which had became very popular all around the world. This energy healing can be done in person and by distance. It affect all area of the life, not only health. Reiki can help to improve the relationship, business, finance, etc. To start working with this energy one had to get the attunement (initiation) from Reiki Master\Teacher. Attunements really attune you to receive the energies we all receiving in daily basic such as energy from Earth, Sun, Stars, etc. But without attunement these energies are like noise in the radio when it doesn't attune to the station. After attunement it like beautiful music. More about Reiki and it's scientific explanation see in my hub I have great experiences in attuning people in person and by distance. My students from all around the world are reporting great results after this attunements. Some improved the health. Some dramatically improve business or relationship. How to get the attunements To receive this attunement you have to comment on this post and we will schedule the time for the attunement. Manual (PDF) and certificate will be providing upon request.