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Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Reiki second degree attunement

What person can do after getting Reiki second degree See Reiki 1 st degree attunement here About Reiki 2 degree and symbols see books listed bellow. And you can request the manual (PDF) from me. Subscribe to attunement in comments. Manual PDF and certificate as well as support by e-mail or here by comment. Reiki stories One of my student who is MD reported a few stories which look like a miracles. One was a story about broken leg which had been treated with Reiki and bones had been healed after one week. And pain had been gone after one Reiki session. Another was about stomach ulcer which had been healed by Reiki after a few sessions and before this it could not be treated by official medicine for 1,5 year. He and other students have a lot more stories about many other ailments and diseases and I'll tell you them in following posts