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Monday, December 26, 2011

weight loss body functioning and genes

I'd like to point out that not all weight gain is the result of some disbalance or illness. A lot of people have genetic approach to big weight. In the past people often experienced the food shortage and people who had fat deposit in the body had more chances to survive. So they gave this ability to deposit fat to their descendants. And to change this pattern we havw to work with past lives. I am talking about the aspect there is no emotion or memories of past life involve. Only physical bodies and genes. And to help someone to lose weight we have to reprogram the genes not emotions or memories. Moreover I think that my sentence about past life had not been precise- I meant not hte lives of the soul but the real lives of our ancestors who passed their genes to our physical bodies. we tend to forgot about processes our bodies undergo during evolution and we quick to blame stress, emotions for overweight. But in fact our ancestors develop quiet the opposite process- the more stress the less food they consumed and the less stress the more food and more fat they gained. It helped them to survive the long periods of wars, moving to new place etc. Fat which bodies store in the good periods had been used in stressful periods. And this is a problem which sometimes we healers can face- when people get more relaxed and calm with Reiki or other methods they suddenly can start to gain weight not loose it. This will be the consequences of your evolutionarily mechanism of adaptation. And unfortunately there is no method how to use Reiki in this situation yet. Naresh as I said above it is not a disease it is defensive mechanism. WE have a lot of these protective mechanism- for example if the bacteria will enter the body the killer cells will attack it and kill it because it can destroy the body. the fat storage play the same role but against starvation. And genes do play the most important role in all body functions. about gym and weight lose- we can lose fat during exercise but muscle mass will be increasing and weight can go up, because fat has less weight than muscle. But again as I tried to explain before about the whole weight lose problem- it is very hard because it is not a disease- body tried to maintain the amount of fat it needs for the good functioning. here is another problem why fat is needed for the body functioning- fat cells produce a lot of chemicals such as hormones which body needs. For example estrogen- sometimes when woman start to get the estrogen from supplement it help to lose weight because body do not need so much fat anymore for estrogen production. What in generally I am talking about that we see only one side of the problem- we think that fat is bad nothing more. But it is not right and fat can be needed for life functions. The main problem here is that this is not the illness and do not require healing. This mechanism had been developed by our bodies to protect them and can't be healed. For example can Reiki change the color of the eyes? it can't because it is not a disease.