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Thursday, December 1, 2011

MORE Downton Abbey Christmas Special Pictures

The flawless Lady Mary Crawley invites you in to see a shit ton of pictures for the Christmas special. We've gotten so many pictures that at this rate, I think we could put together a flip book and recreate the special right now. I love Matthew's ~jaunty pose. Violet looks awfully pleased with herself. I wonder what she's up to. That's got to be Matthew that she's looking at, right? AND THEY ARE ABOUT TO KISS, RIGHT? Anna is contemplating how unfortunate it is that her storyline has been completely wrapped up in Bates' drama. These bitches mean business. You'd better watch out, quail and water fowl and whatever else is out there! A quaint hunting lunch with a tablescape Sandra Lee would be proud of. Gazing into the distance = ~DRAMA~ LEAVE MARY ALONE! Cora is handing Carlisle a gift. I hope it's poison. Here! Have a picture of Rosamund! Mary and Matthew sitting next to each other at Bates's trial.How ~romantic. Mary is giving some impeccable bitch face. Earl Clueless is looking particularly clueless in this picture. Rosamund's maid doing... something. Trying to steal food off of Thomas's plate? idk Violet and Robert exchanging gifts. Neither of them looks particularly happy. Earl Clueless testifying on behalf of Bates. (apparently I failed at resizing and this picture is bigger than all the others, but I don't have time to fix it so... deal with it) Read more at ONTD: