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Friday, May 11, 2012

Druid Craft Taro card of the day

Princess of pentacles keywords Studious -Self reliant-Good natured Potential for new creative phase- try meditation on your problem to find creative way to overcome them you can get happy news about family member or friend also good news about money investment, property or work To increase the possibility of good news and good situation I'd recommend to clear your chakras and to extract negative energies from your aura. I know the techniques which can help to achieve these goals. And also you can always check did the technique work by doing this simple test before and after the session: So this test is: put tips of your thumb and point finger ( of main hand) together as hard as possible and try to break this connection by your other hand. After you'll fail to do it think about your problem and do the test again and you'll see how easy you'll break the connection.