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Friday, May 11, 2012

Predict or change the future-what is the best?

Predict or change the future-what is the best? Here Cranes started very interesting discussion about shifting in the future based on person's actions. Moreover the future can be shifted even by thoughts and emotions. And the stronger the thoughts and emotions are the stronger the shift can be. We can create our own future by our thoughts. Readings and horoscopes are only the tools which are show us the direction in which we have to change our thoughts and emotions. If the prediction is not good it only show that we should take much more effort to change our thoughts and our emotions to positive. Also we have to check who we wronged in the past and try to change it or at least apologies, because this negative deeds can be the reason of the bad future. Of course it is not easy to change the thoughts, emotions and actions. And here we have help from healing energies like Reiki and others. These energies not only can heal body but first and foremost they are healing the mind, thoughts, souls and only after mind thoughts and souls got healed and balanced the body or situations in the life can be healed as well. So if your future is not bright try to change it with healing energies. I have methods which can help you in this. I can remove negative energies from your aura. And it is well known that all roots of our problems are in the aura. If we can remove the roots of the problems from aura we can speed up the process of situations improvement dramatically. And here I can help. I have the method which can remove the energetic roots of your problems from your aura and you'll see the difference instantly. To see this difference you'll need to do a simple kinesiology test See more about kinesiology here So this test is: put tips of your thumb and point finger ( of main hand) together as hard as possible and try to break this connection by your other hand. After you'll fail to do it think about your problem and do the test again and you'll see how easy you'll break the connection. After the aura surgery ( extracting the negative energies and roots of your problem from aura) which I'll do for you you'll do the test again and you'll see that after this procedure the thought about your problem would not diminish your strength as much as before. It will mean that your energy had been restored and the roots of the problems had been removed. If you have question about these methods write it here in comments or write me mail to discuss it and the possibility of removing negative energies from your aura.