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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keen: Problem solution : Runa for today

Keen: Problem solution : Runa for today
 This is runa EHWAZ it means horse and it is the runa of changes and progress. This runa has two aspects- it shows the changes in situations- changing of the place, of the work, relationships, etc.

 And another aspect - is the changes inside and it is the more important changes of all. Because the universal law states that people has outside the same as they have inside.

 In another words if one has hatred or fear, or do not care about need of others one will have all the situations there these problems would occur in one's life.

Changing  inside  will lead to changing of situations outside will bring peace, prosperity and wealth to one who calm, caring, and has no fear or hatred toward people and situations.

I understand how hard to change inside - I did it myself and taught a lot of people after that. The results had been grat but the process not easy.

And here is the help from energy work. I learned that if the negative energies would be removed from aura the process of changing inside will be go lot easier and positive changes in situations will occur lot faster.

So I offer you the aura surgery and in the ground of my offer @Pay after results@ the procedure will be free and you'll only if you'll feel the results.

Send me mail and ask for details.